One Piece 674 Analysis


This is the perfect opportunity for the Straw Hats to make more enemies. CC makes weapons of mass distruction and the Mugiwaras + Smoker + Law somehow foils everything and everyone watches on in horror as the weapons goes the way of the dodo. Of course it wouldn’t make sense for CC to broadcast his defeat but I’m sure Doflamingo will let everyone know since he will likely not be in this arc directly and will be on his tropical paradise island watching at stuff from behind the scenes. one piece 674 raw spoilers or when one piece 674 English  is out.

It looks like Kidd doesn’t want to be a customer but wants to know more. He did say the Strawhats were pissing him off or something along those lines in that one chapter where Blackbeard was trading Bonnie for a ship but this does not mean he won’t…

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