Viv 'd BIG Dreamer

Are still there tears left inside my tired eyes?

Can you find me at the bottom of nowhere?

Can you lit up the torch in my darkness?

Does my wound makes me bleed to death?

What a shame! Can I show my face to you again?

If I were a zombie, I will feel nothing at all!

If I go on with the fight, will I own the prize?

Why am I still clinging at yesterday’s remembrance?

How beautiful were the days you made me smile!

Those were the times when I was contented

Why can’t you give me the chance and the time?

I’m no longer sad, and I’m not crying anymore…

Yet, at times, it’s so lonely for I miss you so much

Definitely this sucks… I  want to die in order to forget—

Still a portion of me is courageous, “I want to live!


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