The opening Sirens blast, the screen burns with a sunset pallet, and this movie will never get old.  I keep coming back to this movie and have yet to find a reason to stop doing so.  The opening 10 minutes may be one of the best cinematic sequences I’ve ever seen in any film both live action or animated.  It exemplifies everything there is to love about One Piece.  It’s all there, great animation, fantastic characters, fast paced action, a lush fantasy world, and of course F*%#ing PIRATES!  You can’t go wrong.  I only wished I had this when I was a kid, luckily I had the Kamehamehas of Dragon Ball to fill that void.

Over the last month I’ve been on a long break from One Piece.  I like to let the episodes accumulate and then sit on my arse and watch them for hours on end.  That and…

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