One Piece 674 Summary


Candy, I want Candy.

That’s kind of cruel things that Caesar did.

Ok, not talk about it.

About the One Piece 674 Summary

  1. We got know why Caesar can defeat Luffy and Smoker and others so easy, that’s because he can control the air in a certain range. It seems everyone needs oxygen, how to defeat Caesar if without Oxygen?
  2. Caesar’s plan. From the plan, Ok, I seems know that want to make money from other pirates. But what is his weapon? The Children or Slime? That thing wonders me.
  3. The pirate, Kyd, does he arrive the new world. Will he give a help to the Straw Hats? Now there are only Brook, Zoro and Sanji survival, also with the Samurai. The Samurai will give a big help to the Straw Hats? Ok, I forget Chopper. I think he must got the medicine and he will save the children from…

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